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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 22:38:07 +0000 From: Subject: Rediscovering preteen and dad John, Part OneRight. I'll make a deal with you all. This story had been spinning around my head for a while now. So I write it. Is it worth exploring? I can write a lot on this, but should I keep it as my own fantasy or should I reveal it to everyone? Let me know. No talking, no story. Yes?Mandijerri Rediscovering John, Part One: Waking UpHe woke.The room was dark.Someone was shamelesspreteens free pics laying across him.There was a light on in the hall and the door was slightly ajar. He could see another door just inside it  an en suite. He preteen photos slipped out of the bed. The body next to him turned over in his sleep.It was another man!He was preteen pornography links in bed with another man!How had that happened?Fuck!Where was he?When had he met the guy?How had lol preteen tgp they come to preteen cock suck be here?And where was here?He slipped into the bathroom and sat on the incest preteen russian toilet without thinking about it. There was a familiarity to this place, like he should know where he was, but he just preteen desnudas couldn't remember. Like a word on the tip of his tongue, everything looked familiar, but it was also completely foreign. imageboard model preteen Like he had never been here before.He was naked.He was in a bathroom.He was with a man he didn't know, had been in bed with preteen stories him...Had they...He didn't know!Oh God! What was happening here?Where was he?He stood and flushed the toilet, then turned and found the sink in the semi-darkness, as if he had performed this manoeuvre a hundred times before.What was going on?And suddenly he was overwhelmed by it all.What was wrong with him?He stumbled backwards and slid down the tiled wall onto the floor. There was a wall length shower here and preteen russian incest he pulled himself into preteen cartoon breast the corner made by the glass wall of the shower and the tiled wall of the en suite. Pulled himself into as small a shape as he could.Where was he?A sob escaped his mouth, and before he knew what was happening he was crying, and the tears preteen angel dark came quickly and suddenly."Help me!" He whispered."John?" It was a deeply masculine voice, and French.The accent pronounced his name Jean, rather preteen masturbation pics than the English John."Êtes-vous bien? Êtes-vous un mauvais rêve?"The voice was beautiful and even though he knew he didn't know French, he understood what was being said.Had he been dreaming?Was he dreaming still?"Where am I?" He whispered as the man came virgin preteens nude down to him, onto the young preteen fucking floor with him.He wrapped himself around him, arms and legs wrapped around his body. Warm to his cold. Comfort to his unease. Strength to his weakness. Security to his frailty. hot preteen fotos "Vous êtes chez preteen fotos erotic vous, quel est le problème?" He whispered, nuzzling John's neck.Kissing his shoulder."Home?" John whispered. "Who nymphets preteens models are you?""Hah!" The man laughed. "You are having a nightmare, John." He added in accented English. "I am Francois. Your husband. We are home. In London. Come on." He added, lifting John back preteen underwear sexy to his preteen photo free feet and guiding him back into the virtual preteen nude bedroom.Back into the bed.Husband?London?And he could suddenly feel the ring on his adult animation preteen finger.On nasty preteen angels his wedding finger.When did that happen?And...He was gay?When had that happened?Francois pulled him into preteens asia model the bed and then wrapped him up once more. With arms, legs, body and warm duvet. And John was cold, and this man felt right, and preteen girls gagged he could feel the ring on his wedding finger as well. Francois pulled him into a kiss, and his body responded.There was a tingling, in his head and in his groin. filipina preteens He may have forgotten this man, but his body had clearly done no such thing and now, as Francois slipped his hand along his chest, across his nipples, down to his growing dick and tightening balls, now it was latina preteens models remembering him very well indeed.And he ran his hands across the hairs on tiny preteens cute Francois' chest. Soft, preteen topless japanese gentle...Sexy?He was a fit nn preteens man, was Francois, there was a definition to his body, a strength to his arms and chest...But then he noticed that his body was taught as well. He had abs!When preteens and models had that happened?OK, preteen bikini movies so he had never been overweight, but he had never particularly worked out either. Changing the duvet on video smoking preteen his kdz preteen cp bed back in his flat in Aylesbury, that was the biggest preteen sexy ass work out he got in a week....Aylesbury.But Francois had said this was his home.London.Why were preteens upskirt pics they here?Francois had pushed him onto his back now and was gently kissing and caressing his nipples with his tongue, and John found himself running his own hand around this man's head. Feeling the short hairs on his neck brush over the palm of his hand, leaving trails of excitement in their wake. His other hand had already run down his body indian preteen and was now wrapped around his balls, gently stroking and massaging.His preteen model sights body knew this man, knew his love.Why didn't he remember?And Francois was playing with his balls, and his tongue was licking down John's chest and belly, and the excitement was making his dick rise like it had never preteen hegre risen underage preteen cums before. He clearly needed this man, needed his sex!Why didn't he remember?Surely he couldn't forget this?Forget this sex?Francois reached over him and in a moment something cold was squeezed against his arse and fingers began massaging there, and he was getting more excited by the moment! This man home pic preteen was china preteen sex going to enter him!When had he become gay?So, he hadn't had sex for a while, but he was fairly sure that every partner he had had was female. Where had Francois come from and where....He gasped as Francois pushed his fingers into him.Even his backside knew this man, and his mouth settled over John's engorged dick and he began pumping him slowly and surely.This was a night-time love. His body knew these moves as much as it knew its way around the en suite bathroom. This japanese hairy preteen was a physical thing. His body knew the responses.His brain had forgotten the man.Why?Why had that happened?And... oh, his body was feeling things he had never felt before. Francois had one hand pushing into and out of his backside now and the other was playing with his balls, running up his dick, following his mouth up and down preteen model blowjobs as it brought John to the edge of his release...And then he came.And he came.And his body arched and revelled in the pleasure this man, his husband, had brought to him."Hmmm." Francois smiled.He slipped over John and settled between his legs, and John knew what was coming next, but his body was already getting excited at the prospect. Francois ran his hand along his own dick, preteen model play wiping the lube preteen natural girls along it, and nn nonnude preteen then he held the head as he pushed up against John, preteenie cuties and preteen youn girl into him in one gentle but determined movement.And he enjoyed it!Enjoyed this man sliding his hard cock into him and out of him!His body danced along the dick, Squeezed it, cajoled it, teased it, played with it!And he gasped at the pleasure he felt porn models preteen on the tip of each stroke in and out. A tingle that grew preteen 16 xxx slowly into a small fire than began to burn in his balls and he felt his dick rising again as this man pounded him. Felt inna preteen modle his hands slipping around his dick, pulling at it, massaging it.Above him Francois was lost to his own fantasies as he rocked faster now, into and out of John.John ran his hand up Francois' preteen nnude leg. Smooth, muscled.His? This man was his?He didn't understand this.He didn't know where he was, what was happening to preteen bikini him and yet...And yet...He was being loved by a man, a man lesbian preteens fingering who claimed to preteen body gallery be his husband, and he couldn't remember!Above him Francois groaned and John realised that one of his hands had slipped up Francois chest and was preteen cuties thumbnails now tweaking japaneese preteens and playing with his nipples. The other was still ass preteen pics wrapped around camp preteen nudity his own dick, still pounding it to a second orgasm.His body knew this man.Intimately.How could he forget?"Ah!" Francois called and his hands grabbed John's hips and he pulled him tighter onto him as he came.His orgasm filling John with a warmth that bbs preteen nymphet brought John straight up to an orgasm of preteen shows bra his own again. His body arched, forcing Francois deeper into him, and they both fell onto each other as the orgasms came over them.Francois leaned down and licked him clean, slipping his dick into his mouth and using tongue and teeth to clean him. And John slipped into these ministrations as if he had been here countless times nudepreteen art com before.Why couldn't he remember?Francois kissed his way slowly movies preteen nudity up his belly. Kissing preteen topless picture and licking each mound of his abs. Stopping to kiss his belly button, then up the centre of his chest and across to each nipple, before he pulled John into magazine preteen a deep kiss. He wrapped his body around John and settled down, head on his shoulder.John stroked his head and soon this man, his lover, his husband, settled back into sleep again.John didn't sleep.There were no clocks in the room that he could see, and he just lay there, listening to star preteen models the noises of the road outside. Listening to the noises that clearly weren't Aylesbury. London?Listening to the preteen schoolgirl upskirts gentle breathing of the man lying preteens funs free across him. Running his hands along preteen kid nudism his back. Feeling the muscles beneath the warm skin. Loving dolls preteen nude the body on animated preteen pictures him, but not knowing models preteen pussies why, or how.Who was best naked preteens Francois?How had they ended up here?How could he forget this man when he clearly needed his love?What was going on?But there was preteen gallery real preteen asians links nothing. He could remember nothing.He lived in a small flat in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He rented it and lived there alone.That flat was not preteen swim pics preteen underage naturists this one.This one felt larger. It had an en suite! And he knew that on the other side of the preteen babysitter stories bedroom door was a corridor that led to another bedroom, a study, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room...It was in Kentish Town, north London.How did he know preteens shock pics that when he didn't know why he was here?Didn't know who he was?He had parents. He... he couldn't remember their names!Mum, dad...They lived in Partridge Close, Aylesbury. A big preteen pussy ls three bed house they had brought in the eighties just before he had nude preteen holiday been preteen ukranian pics preteen rika born. John...What was his last name?He couldn't remember his last name!What was going on?Around him Francois pulled foot nude preteens him closer into samples preteen naked him.If nothing else he needed the security this man gave him. There was a comfort and safety in his arms that he preteen models 9yo needed more and more.Why couldn't he remember anything?He lived... here, but he should be living in the flat preteen sexy pictures in Aylesbury. Where in Aylesbury?Again, he couldn't remember.If Francois didn't have him wrapped illegal preteen lesbian up so tightly the panic would have threatened to drown him. But inside Francois, at least from here he could look over the body of this man and work out what models preteen he did and didn't know.He was John.No last name.He lived in gay preteen tgps Aylesbury, and somehow at the same time in Kentish Town, London.No address.For either town.He had two parents.No names, first or last.They lived in Partridge Close.He underage and preteen worked...He had been made redundant. That was it.He remembered!He had worked for Jacobs and Ferret. A solicitors. He had done their... something... and they had gone bust? Maybe....He was redundant.Good.What else?There were friends, he could see all of their faces but again, no names. A young girl, one, maybe two years old?Abigail.Her name was Abigail, and he loved her.Who was she?His child?No, that didn't feel right. He could see naked preteens fucked two people, her parents? But again no names.And...And...That preteen modelling agencies was it.All that he was lay on the bed in front of him. Everything that he had forgotten had him wrapped up in preteen viet nudes strong, warm, arms.What was going on?Why couldn't he remember anything?Francois moved and his lips brushed across John's neck as he settled back into sleep. He could feel this man's dick pushing into his back. His body loved the feeling of sticky heat from this man. He could smell their love in the air and he wanted it!Why couldn't he naughty preteen pics remember?Anything?He moved his head and settled into the crook of Francois' arm. The smell of the man german preteen nonude was strong here and it also gave pussy preteen porn john some comfort. There was a deep love here. preteen panthose pictures He knew that, but didn't know it.He drifted into sleep.
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